As husbands and wives of active duty military, we hold membership, whether we want it or not, in a very exclusive club. We have a secret language of acronyms and abbreviations, a knowledge of American cities like few others and a fluid dinnertime to say the least.

Membership in the club, allows us by choice to entertain on a regular basis celebrating military tradition and the camaraderie that comes with good food and good drink, awaiting the inevitable deployments and separations.

We don’t fear the membership, we welcome it. It is a challenge that we gladly take knowing that by doing so we carry on the American military culture and its fabulous customs and courtesies.

Through my blog, I will share the successes and failures that I have experienced over my 28 years as an active duty wife with seven kids-eleven deployments-fifteen moves- anything and everything, oh and cancer, too. Treat me like your older Aunt who you only see at the holidays. The one who says  inappropriate things, thinks that wearing edgy glasses makes her stylish  and constantly asks you where the instagrams go. I’ll do my best to pass down knowledge to all of you-  the future leadership of our United States military.

Ask me anything you can think of and if I don’t know the answer, we will find it together.

Entertainingly Yours,